Sony MDR-V6


It’s a fairly good studio headphone for the price. It’s surprisingly durable, as i’ve dropped them several times with no harm. The sound quality is fairly decent even without an amp/DAC, but as a beginner audiophile I can’t tell. It has fairly decent bass, but it can’t get down to lower Hz as well. They’re surprisingly comfortable, and the ear pads can be changed to a velour one for around 20 USD. The only problem is they look quite bland, and the freaking cabble gets tangled cause it is one of those coiled ones, and it’s about 2 meters long without uncoiling it. Once it’s tangled, there’s no way you will get it back to its original state. I would highly recommend it for a budget audiophile, as it goes for an average of 80 freedom units.


Hope you guys liked my first review