The Legend of Caps Lock:

“<vun> the legend of caps lock

<vun> that will be a thing in the future”

One man had predicted the fall of Caps Lock. The ruler of the keyboard empire for several years; his terrible 'leadership' had caused SOMETHING LIKE THIS to occur accidentally, time and time again. This man, vun, was instantly locked up and was sentenced to DEATH BY SHOUTING. The end.

However, a brave hero jwaz, comes in to save vun from the horrible torture caused by the tyrant Caps Lock. Jwaz shouts:

“<jwaz> fuck a capslock”

and charges in through the barricades placed by the entrance of the dungeon and confronts the evil ruler Caps Lock, who is constantly shouting at vun.


jwaz, the hero, pulls out his secret weapon; an HHKB with it's amazing layout hinderes the Caps Lock's destructive power. “NOOOOOoooooooo!” the caps lock shouts. “I'm back to my regular self” Out of nowhere, most presumably a sandy beach, meeba falls from the sky and crumps on the caps lock. The end.